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Keystroke Level Modeling

This analytic technique allows you to predict how long it will take experienced users to complete a task. The method uses Keystroke Level Modeling based on decades of research on how long it takes humans to interact with software.

This approach provides estimates of task times to within an accuracy of 10%. It is best used for getting measures of efficiency when comparing designs or competing products. Live code isnít needed, only sketches or screen shots can generate estimated times.

Clients get training in the method and access to a software application that will generate detailed estimates at the millisecond level. After just a couple hours of training, members of your organization (designers, product managers, researchers) will be generating accurate estimates.

For more background on using keystroke level modeling, see the paper Composite Operators for Keystroke Level Modeling.

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Jeff Sauro is the founding principal of MeasuringU, a company providing statistics and usability consulting to Fortune 1000 companies.
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