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MOD 1000

MOD 1000 Purchase -- the MOD 1000: Mobile Observation Device. It's a lightweight camera and rig for recording the user experience with mobile phones and tablet screens.
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MOD 1000 Clients Include :

With new mobile apps and websites being developed daily, mobile usability testing is becoming increasingly necessary. The MOD 1000 provides a clear and stable video of a participantís mobile phone screen while allowing full articulated motion for the user.

Features & Benefits

The macro-focused camera is mounted on a lightweight aluminum plate with a grip surface. The image stays still while users can naturally move and manipulate their device instead of it being confined to laying flat on a desk.
  • Compatible: Software works on PCs and Macs
  • Lightweight: Comfortable even for small hands
  • Portable: Users can freely move while the image stays still
  • Grip-Surface: Holds phones in place even for steep angles
  • Gentle: Wonít damage or scratch phones
  • Flexible: Fits all size smartphones in portrait and landscape

Demonstration of the MOD 1000

Who Should Buy

User Researches, Designers, and Developers: If you are interested in conducting usability testing on mobile phones or demonstrating an app or website, the MOD 1000 is all you need. Its simple and lightweight design and software allows for quick, easy access viewing of the mobile user experience.

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Supports Tablet Recording

Supports Tablet Recording

The MOD 1000 fits into a desktop mount which holds the camera at the right height for recording tablet interactions.

View of the MOD 1000 feed from a table screen.

Desktop Tablet mount. It takes about 7 seconds to mount the MOD 1000 into the sturdy table-top mount for recoding tablets. The camera is adjustable to capture landscape, portrait and cases which tilt the tablet.

Compatible with Morae and other recording Software

Compatible with Morae and other recording Software

While the MOD 1000 does come with its own software, you can use any software package that recognizes a USB camera input. The image above is from Morae Recorder. Simply select "Flip Both" to invert the image for handheld recording with the MOD 1000. NOTE: The software that comes with the camera does not record video.

What You Get

  • Macro Focused Camera
  • Lightweight Phone Cradle
  • Software for Inverting/Rotating Image (PC/Mac Compatible)
  • Tablet Adapter
  • Includes Shipping
  • USB Cable

What Customers are Saying:

The Firefox OS UX team at Mozilla relies on the MOD 1000 for frequent user testing of Firefox OS design prototypes and test builds. We absolutely love and rely on it. Thank you for making such a useful product.

Stephany Wilkes
UX Program Manager
Firefox OS


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